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Flexible Staffing Solutions

Our flexible staffing model will allow you to enjoy a number of operational and financial benefits while allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our approach spans from the initial recruitment of a candidate through to training, retention and performance management to ensure that our staff support our clients in meeting thier business objectives.

We are well positioned to meet the requirements of both local and international clients. Our extensive value offering includes:

  • Analytics Capability
  • Capacity Planning and Project Management
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Assessment Tools
  • Operational Support
  • Absenteeism Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Payroll and Invoicing Integration

Supported by our successful and uniquely designed flexi staff retention programme; the World of Work.


  • Changing Business Demands – Our partnership gives you the flexibility to accommodate ever changing business demands.
  • *Scalability – Increase and decrease headcount according to your business demands efficiently.
  • *Recruitment Capacity and Expertise – CallForce are specialists in providing high volumes of candidates without compromising quality.
  • *New Role Profile – Revise your agent role profile to meet changing business demands.
  • *HR Capacity and Expertise - Our extensive experience in implementing and managing all IR and HR processes will afford you peace of mind in a labour intensive environment.
  • *Management of Performance Issues – Our robust industrial relations policies and processes will ensure effective performance management and legal compliance at all times. We ensure quick resolution on performance and other staff related issues.
  • *Operational Assistance – Our dedicated account management team will oversee both operational and HR requirements of all flexi-staff to ensure fulfilment of your KPI’s and KPA’s as part of our successful performance management approach.
  • *Management Capacity – The CallForce team will provide additional capacity and expertise to compliment the skills of your internal management team.
  • *Improved Retention – Research shows that agent churn is reduced when using a flexible staffing model. We work closely with your team to evaluate the key factors contributing to churn and implement customised retention strategies *
  • Improved Performance – It is well documented that flexible staff have increased speed to productivity as well as higher levels of productivity when compared to their perm counterparts, as they work hard to achieve permanent status.
  • *Payroll Management – Our sophisticated automated time sheet and payroll system will ensure accurate payment of agent salaries which is key to staff retention.
  • *Cash Flow – CallForce pre-finance the wages of our flexi-staff which has a positive impact on your cash flow and finance costs.
  • *Conversion to Permanency – Once you are satisfied with an agent’s performance, you are able to convert them into a permanent position.
  • *Industry Best Practice – Leverage off of our extensive HR experience within the contact centre industry and gain access to best practice related to managing all human capital requirements within your operation.

Our successful partnerships

We are very grateful to work with some of these amazing partners.