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Should you see a position on our website that interests you, click on "more info", fill out the requested information and attach your CV. You will be contacted within 48 hours, should your CV meet the requirements of the position.

Should you not hear from us immediately, don't despair! Your details will be saved on our candidate management system, which is searched on a regular basis and should you meet any future requirements, we'll be in contact.

Category Job title Location Options
Supervisor and Team Leader: Telesales More info
Call centre Debt Recovery Management (Debt Collectors) Fairlands More info
Call centre Tutors Needed!!! (Teach English Online) Bellville – Cape Town & Sunninghill - Johannesburg Johannesburg and Cape Town More info
Online English Tutor More info

Job seeking tips

Below you find some tips that will help you secure a job faster. Read them carefully before applying.

Your CV

Always remember: "First impressions last" and when applying for a position, the first impression you create is on paper. Ensure that your CV is concise and to the point, but make sure that it reflects your working history in a comprehensive and honest way. Clearly stipulate your duties, achievements and reasons for leaving in a chronological manner starting from your current or most recent role.

The interview

When attending an interview make sure that you know exactly where to go, who to ask for and which position you're being interviewed for. Do some research on the company beforehand and have a few questions prepared, just in case you have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the process. ALWAYS dress professionally. Steer clear of jeans, sneakers, short skirts and revealing tops. Most of all; be honest and try to enjoy it!

Never give up!

It takes time to find the right position. The first one is not necessarily the right one. So if you're not successful the first time, just try and try again. Each time you go for an interview you'll learn more about yourself and the process, which will make the next one easier.

CallForce will work closely with you to guide you through the process. Make sure that you get as much information from your Consultant, that's what were here for!

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